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Where magic is real

Who are we? We are Thee Witch Farm, practitioners of the magical arts.  Thee Witch Farm was started because in our works and endeavors, we found it hard to source genuine herbs and tools for our practice. We decided one day that we were skilled and powerful enough to start sharing our magic with the world; and the people who need our help. Here on this site you will be able to buy a variety of products that will help you reach your goals as a practitioner or someone looking to the magical arts for otherworldly help. We want this site to be a community where people can come and seek genuine magical help. A place where other practitioners of all levels seek quality products to further increase their skills. Our knowledge of the craft has come from 7 generations of practitioners, our own research, and the ever-popular intuition while being guided by our spirits.

We encourage you to do extensive research yourself before trying any product that you may not be familiar with.

Happy casting and we hope to brew for you soon.


With everlasting love,

Thee Witch Farm


Here at TWF, we have vetted and well-experienced Tarot Readers, and Spiritual Guides with a strong background in Santeria/ Yoruba. We live our practices and are pursuing becoming deeper in touch with the Orishas that guide us.

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Truly Top-Notch Custom Made Products

When you are given a prescription after a spiritual reading, your spell work or products are modified specifically for you and your situation. The intentions put into the products shipped to you are not for anyone but your situation ONLY. Please ask for advice before you share your spiritual prescription!

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Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.

Scott Cunningham Author of  several publish spiritual literature


"There are no weeds, only herbs that we don't know the name of yet."