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Dried Oranges


Adam and Eve Root - To get a lover to propose to you, wear a St. Joseph medallion as a necklace and carry an Adam & Eve root in your purse wrapped in a seal of attraction from the Sixth & Seventh Book of Moses.
Beth Root- Indian women always wore one of these around their neck to attract a mate. It is also worn for good luck.
Bittersweet - Place a bit of this hern under your pillow to help you forget a lost love.
Coriander - Place a few in your mate’s pillow to prevent cheating.
Dill Seed - A few grains, added to the bathwater, makes the one who bathes in it irresistible to the one they desire the most.
Laurel - A packet of laurel given to a bride ensures a long and happy union.
Licorice Stick- It is an ancient belief that the one who chews a piece of licorice stick will become very passionate.
Magnolia - Spread magnolia leaves underneath the mattress to keep the peace between man and wife.
Orange - Keep some leaves or flowers under the pillow to ensure an early and happy marriage.
Orris Root - This is a prized amulet to attract the opposite sex when carried in the pocket.
Violet - Wear this as an aid toward the reunion of separated lovers.

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