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Natural Herbs

Thee Herbal Academy

A place to learn all about herbal magic.

In Thee Herbal Academy you will find information on different herbs and their uses as well as, other valuable information about the herbs

Mental Alchemy

"All is Mind; All is Mental"
-the Kybalion

Perspective is everything? No, all is mind all is mental, the Kybalion. Here you will find where magic meets the mind. Understand what programming is and how to program yourself. Understand that the power of the mind is like no other. To unlock your power, you must have understanding. Patience, effort, and calm. 

As Above so Below; as Within so, without

- The Kybalion


The Temple of Deities 

Here we will discuss all of the different pantheons of Gods & Goddesses.  

Image by Teodor Skrebnev

Kitch'n Witch'n

Learn how to place an intention into food! No need to cook without magic again.

Month-At-A-Glance                         Readings

Tropical Leaves

TGS  Ritual of the Month



True Occult History

Find out the Truth of your history, the Hue-man history!

In a world where common sense is no longer common. History is told by the victors in massive fabricated tales. Changing the paradigm of the masses to a plane of limited beliefs. Fact is stranger than fiction and we have a lot of factual information to open your eyes to reality. This section is not for the faint of heart if you already understand that True Occult history is history, we hope to teach you something new. If you're new to the truth, take your time, as you've never used your eyes before...


Magical Basics

In this section, we will cover a variety of magical knowledge. Mostly in video form but definitely useful to growing your magical ability.