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Aura Cleanse Tea
  • Aura Cleanse Tea


    Aura cleansing is a necessary part of any spiritual journey. We have ritually blessed and prepared this tea in order to ensure that your blockages are cleared. This assists your body in harnessing the positive energy that you have gathered around you after a transformative mediation session. Tasting like a summer breeze on a sunny afternoon this tea is a delight to all who have the pleasure of partaking in it.

    Spiritual tea’s are often an overlooked but extremely beneficial spiritual practice. From the moment your tea is boiled to the intentions you stir in before you drink it to the mediations between sips; drinking spiritually blessed tea is an immensely immersive way to infuse your power and will into your rituals. They can also be used as a spell themselves. Entering into your body with the warmth our teas provide you with essential magical power. Each package comes with 12 tea bags ready for your enjoyment. Can be served hot or cold.

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