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Yembo (Yemu): Path of Yemaya in which many say is Oddua in female form . The union of OsaMelli (9-9) is where the true crown of Yemaya is born in Yemu and not in Odi (7) as many think ... and from her, all orisha's were born.
Yemaya Ibu: This Yemaya is born in Odun Iroso-Ogunda (4-3). This is the path or avatar of this Orisa that not all is clear. Little is known about her and her path. This Yemaya lives with her sister Oshun in the river. This Path is said to be the Yemaya married to the Orisha Agallu. When he comes to the river she leaves for her love meeting with him. She lives in a tinaja de barro and her collar (eleke) is of dark blue and light blue , and takes coral and azabache.

Yemaya Ibu Oleyo: This Yemaya is born in Odun Ogunda -Iroso (3-4) she is from the land of Ayatero She eats Cornish hens . She lives in a tinaja of barro, and we put inside , 21 conch shells , a boat on top of the tinaja , that is charged with Osain, belonging to her. She also has 7 wooden fish carved from cedar living inside with her. In this path, she can be dressed in light blue or in coral color.

Yemaya Ibu Okoto: This Yemaya is born in the Odun Merunla-Iroso (14-4) Ibu Okto means " she who lives in the conches". The Ocean is of blood. Presides of naval battles. She lives in a Tinaja with 7 large conch shells from the Ocean. She takes a piece of wood from a shipwreck and Seven hands of shells. Seven machetes are placed in front of her Tinaja, A blue Bandera; a lance, and a dagger. Her colors are blue and rose ON top of her tinaja should be one large conch shell (COBO), two oars two rings, and 7 manillas (bracelets) of silver.


Yemaya Ibu Olowo: This Yemaya is born in the Odun Oddi-Iroso (7-4). Olowo is the owner of all the fortunes that exist at the bottom of the ocean. One hand of caracoles lives inside this path of Yemaya. In a box. This Yemaya has nine otas (seven black and two of arrecife) Also she has an Eleggua inside. Which is a medium caracol.

Yemaya Ibu Asesu: This Yemaya is born in the odun of Oddi-Melli (7-7) She is the owner of the ducks, swans, and geese. She lives in the latrines and swampy waters. Her name means "Forgetful". She is the messenger of Olokun. This Yemaya is of the turbulent and dirty waters. She is very severe. She eats duck. Receives the offerings in the company of the spirits. She is slow to answer her followers. When asked a favor she takes her time in answering. She is who counts the feathers of the duck and when she messes up counting, goes back and starts over. In Matanzas, they identify her with the Catholic saint "The Blessed Virgen of Remedies" Her eleke (collar) is light blue with soap color beads. One should put a small drum in her sopera. Her bracelets of silver and a remolino. In ARARA they call her name "evejosia"

Yemaya Akere: Akere is born in the Odun Oddi -Ojuani (7-11) She lives in the deepest parts of the ocean. She takes a small porcelain doll inside her sopera, also sea turtle shells, an arrow of silver, a wooden boat of cedar, and a silver fish, a sword of silver, and seven crystal balls ( marbles).

Yemaya Oro: is born in the Odun (7-9). She is mysterious and lives with the Egguns. The meaning of her name is: "the mermaid that sings". This Yemaya is the one that wakes the spirits. Her favorite food is a duck. she takes inside her sopera, A mask of bronze, a sword of silver, seven conch shells, and seven plates. She has a crown that takes seven oars, seven rings, seven bells, an anchor, a sun, a machete, and a compass.


Yemaya Achaba: is born in the Odun Osa Melli (9-9) she is from ARA ONU ( from the heavens) Osa melli is where the crown of Yemaya is born .... Her direct representation is an Anchor. Her name means "she who finds refuge in the anchors". She eats ducks in a special manner. One puts a palangana with water from the ocean and anil, next to her sopera NOT INSIDE HER SOPERA, you take the top of her sopera and to the anil and ocean water you sacrifice the duck. Later, this duck has to be cleaned and put to bake, and you put this duck on top of her sopera for seven days colors are blue and black. On top of her sopera one puts a rolled-up chain. Apart from her traditional tools, she takes seven fishing hooks, a silver mermaid, three dolls of porcelain, an Arrow of Ochosi in silver, seven machetes of silver, a sword, seven balls of crystals (marbles) the arara call her Itawollo.


Yemaya Okute or Okunte: this Yemaya was married to Ogun, she is born in Odun Ogunda melli ( 3-3) She is the helper and works with Ogun. Her complete name is Ogunte Ogunasomi. The Arara call her Okuadume. She eats roosters with Ogun. She never eats ducks. Her colors are dark blue and a strong rose color. An extra charge to her is a wooden boat, of cedar, painted blue and white, another boat of Lead, a Yunque, a pinwheel, and a chain that holds the 21 tools of Ogun. this chain you put around the boat in her sopera. This Yemaya fabricated the ocean, The pride and honor of the same. Usually, her children carry the same character of the same. In Matanzas, this Yemaya celebrates in August and represents the " the Virgen de las Nieves" She is the Yemaya of too cold waters for her children to make more money in the winter months. To ask a great favor of this Orisha one should include ice in some rituals. She lives in the reefs off the coast. She is the doorman of Olokun. The same that you will find her in the ocean also in the river and lakes. Because she was the wife of Ogun, she will receive her adimu in the ocean or mountains. When at war she will wear hanging from her belt a knife and the tools of Ogun. This Yemaya works hard. She is a warrior, Baronil, and a fearsome Amazon. The rat belongs to her and is her messenger. She can transform into a rat to visit her children. She runs from the sight of dogs for this reason her children should not have one in their house. She has a violent temper and holds a grudge. she is an expert in magic arts and preparing powders. Dances with a snake coiled around her arm. The Corals and pearls are hers. She loves to eat male rams and roosters. She is not known to eat duck but, on special occasions when she asks for one you should give it to her in a special way ... in a palangana of ocean water, you add anil take the top off her sopera and sacrifice the duck in the palangana NOT IN HER SOPERA OR OTAS.... and then sacrifice 2 roosters ...The arara also calls her Ikondole.

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