Thee Herbal Academy

Herbs are Life

Flower Field

Gardening Tips & Tricks

A list of tips and tricks that you can use whether your garden is large, small, or just in a couple of pots on your windowsill.

Herb Plants

How It All Began

Cat gives an inside look into how her love of herbs began.

Urban Gardening

Flowers, Roots & Herbs

This is a glossary of sorts. A bunch of information on a ton of flowers, herbs & roots.  If you have any that you would like to see please don't hesitate to drop a suggestion in the forum!

Image by Carlita Benazito

Our Gardens

Take a look at our gardens through our updates

This year we began to grow our gardens for the first time ever.  Of course we dabbled before but this is the first time we each had a separate garden to tend to.  We decided to grow medicinal, magical and even houseplants!