Do I have to brew the bath in order for it to work?

You do not have to brew the bath if you do not want to.  The herbs can just be added to your bath if you need to save time or if it is your preference. Please be aware, however, that there will not be as much of the essence of the herbs in the bath as there would be had you brewed it.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Yes, we can do readings over the phone. Please just say that you would prefer a phone reading to a video call in your booking questionnaire.

Are your customs spells limited to love and protection work?

We do custom spell work across the board, it depends on what you ask for. Please remember that we can not do things like bring someone back from the dead or kill someone. It’s morally immoral. We also understand that certain people and jobs require a sense of discretion and so we look to make sure that that is our number one priority when dealing with our clients' sensitive information.

Can I use one of your teas as a bath?

That is perfectly ok. However not the other way around. Some of our baffs contain salt and other herbs that are not suitable for internal use so it is always wise to make sure you know what your brewing before you do. It should also be said that our baffs although a part of a set with our teas each item is separately prepared with a different ritual. This being said if you use a tea as a bath then you are most likely missing out on all the best that our bath has to offer.

Can I open the conjure bag and add my own personal items to it?

Although our Conjure Bags are stuffed with intentions and ready to use, we don’t mind you adding your own personal touch and making to special to you. Remember what intention the bag was bought for and try to add things that align with those vibrations and intentions. The more personal the items that you add the better. Please also keep in mind that when you first receive your conjure bag you should walk with it and hold it as much as possible for the transference of energy from you to the bag and visa versa.