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Basil Leaves


Alfalfa - A small conjure bag or sachet of this in the cupboard to bring good luck to the home and protect against poverty.

Arabic gum- Add this to any incense and burn to attract good vibrations.

Basil- Soak a half cup of fresh basil in a pint of water for three days. The water is then sprinkled at the entrance and in the aisles of a place of business to attract trade and customers. This also helps to ward against thieves and crooks.

Blessed Thistle - Boil, strain, and add the water to a bath to gain many blessings spiritual, physical, and financial.

Chamomile - Wash your hands in some chamomile tea before gambling or playing slots. Persistent use is sure to bring results.

Damiana- A little bit of this herb in your pocket or in a sachet is said to be good for attracting luck. You should replace this charm once a week.

Grains of Paradise - A popular Haitian charm, , these are carried on one’s ouanga bag to make yourself lucky in all matters.

Joy Pye Weed/ Queen of the Meadow - People are compelled to be generous to the person carrying this root.

Little John- Chew some of it, spit out the juices don’t swallow.

Lovage- An herb of the sun use, it to attract wealth and glory.

May Apple - If you carry some of this in the same pocket as your money and you will never go broke.

Star Anise - Carried as a luck charm.

Yellow Dock- Brew a tea and use it for your doorknobs at your place of business or home to attract good fortune.

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