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Magical Waters and Their Uses

The Life-Giver, Healer, Traveler, Shape Shifter. The element of Water covers ¾ of the worlds surface in the form of oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams etc. -It comes up from the ground, falls from the sky, and moves through the world with ease taking the path of least resistance. Water can extinguish fire, can wear away stone, flood earth, and travel on the winds. In the universe there are many places with water and no life, but nowhere is there life without water. Water makes the Earth a living planet; it is essential to life. You will hear or have heard many theories on how life got started here on Earth but all of those theories have one thing in common - Water! The characteristics of water, such as its ability to

sustain life and exist in various forms, make it a unique element that will never cease to amaze you both scientifically and spiritually. One characteristic that both of these groups have a common interest in is waters ability to be easily contaminated and take on the properties of things it comes in contact with. I can't speak on how this effects the scientific world so much but spiritually its effects ripple.


 Sea – Considered from a little off shore to the beach – Healing, Cleansing,

Protection, Movement, Fertility, Energy, Consecrating, Ancestor work, & banishment

 Ocean – Considered open ocean far off shore somewhere you would need to

take a boat to – Vastness, Power, Life, Fear, Focus, Energy, Consecrating,

Abundance, Bewitchment, Banishment

 River – Movement, Energy, Consecrating, Ancestor work, Fertility, Cleansing,

Purity, Love,

 Rain – Takes on property of the Storm from which it was born – Power over

time, Growth, Rebirth, Nourishment, Healing, Shadow Work, Energy, Purity -

The first

Rain of the Month of May is Considered Sacred

 Storm – Can also see Rain - Force, Emotion, Motivation, Left Hand work

 Snow – Change, Purity, Shadow Work, Left Hand work

 Dew – Fertility, Love, Beauty, Glamour, Fae Work, Creativity, Healing,

 Lake – Divination, Purity, Cleansing, Peace

 Pond – Life, Divination

, Peace, Fae Work, Left Hand work

 Black Water – Black due to Minerals and plant decay – Banishment, Shadow

Work, Left Hand work

 Fog – Astral Travel, Divination, Spirit work, Glamour, Creativity

 Mist – Astral Travel, Fae work, Divination, Spirit work, Glamour, Creativity

 Hail – Force, Aggression, Left Hand work

 Waterfall – Movement, Overcome Obstacles, Purity, Cleansing, Beauty,

Glamour, Fae work, Energy, Healing, Emotion, Creativity,

 Well Water – Usually calm and clear – Healing, Purity, Astral Travel, Divination,

Healing, Nourishment, Removing and Placing Curses

 Stump Water – Water that collects naturally in the stump of a tree – considered

lucky, chams can be washed in this water for boosting effect – Divination, Astral

Travel, Spirit Work, Fae Work, Healing, The Water takes on the property of the

tree it was found in and so is used to mimic the magical properties of the tree.

 Swamp – Protection, Left Hand work

 Creek/Stream – Healing, Fae work, Movement, Nourishment

Now that you know just how important all the different kinds of water are, don't hesitate to mix these with your moon water, or make moon water with them. This will amplify their power and boost your magic even more.

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