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Mental Energy Check by Coach Ella

For those of us that check on everyone else but forget to check on ourselves.

How's your energy?

Have you ever had those days where you have physical energy but your mental energy tank is empty?

How to check your mental energy.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who's energy am I absorbing?

  2. What's within my control and what is without?

  3. Will anything change if I worry about it?

  4. How can I reset and refill my mental energy tank?

How do we fix this?

Women are especially prone to picking up others' energy whether it's good or bad as we are natural nurturers. This is not to say that men don't pick up on and absorb others energies as they most certainly can. The trait is just more so noticed in women. (Ever heard of women's intuition?) Since we continue to watch and read other people's feelings so, it's impossible not to pick some up and carry it with you. It's ok if this happens, however it's important to make sure we are protecting ourselves while we are helping.

One way you can protect your energy is by setting boundaries. It doesn't matter how big the boundary is, just set it. By setting this boundary up, you are subconsciously creating this invisible barrier between you and other people that helps protect your energy.

Take a break. Go outside and get some fresh air! Studies have shown that getting fresh air gives you more energy and mental focus, improve your blood pressure and heart rate, strengthen your immune system and overall lead to a healthier you. Allow yourself these small things in your daily life and your mental energy will start to replenish and you will have an easier time dealing with situations that pop up!

Another way we can avoid picking up the energy of others is to constantly work on our psychic shields. This protects us from absorbing the energies that do not serve us in the first place. Spiritual baths that cleanse and protect us are the before and after solution to when we are feeling depleted, in need of a recharge and to protect.

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