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The Best Plants to have in Your Witchy Garden

Ah, the garden! I can't think of a better place to do some magical work. Use flowers and plants for spells of protection and travel, money, luck and anything else you can think of. Gardening for me started after my obsession with getting the best dried plants and flowers needed a bit more. I wanted to be able to get more of the àṣẹ fresh and direct from the plant. I started with A few herbs indoors and then the next thing I knew I had over 100 plants.

This is the first year that I have gotten a greenhouse but the second that I am doing outdoor gardening I even worked for a while at a plant nursery in order to learn more about how to grow my baby seedlings into beautiful plants. Along the way I have learned more about which plants I use more frequently than others. This has become very important because I needed to ensure that I had space saved for my favorite herbs. But that’s a story for another time let’s get into these plants that you must have for your basic witchy garden.

First up:

Mugwort – It can bring about vivid, detailed dreams, Astral projection, and deep restful sleep. It can also be used to treat poltergeists and hauntings in one's home or property. If you need it, mugwort will bring about vivid dreams, astral projection, or deep restful sleep. I also some times use mugwort for cleansing and protection. This comes from my Madrina who told me so and that’s all the authority I need.

St. John’s Wort can help you banish negative energy from your home or workspace. Used for protection from evil forces, banishing negative energy and spirits, exorcism, driving away evil spirits in your home.St. John’s Wort is a great plant to have in your garden if you are suffering from depression. If you find yourself in a dark place or just out of a relationship, this plant can help lift your spirits and bring you back to your normal routine.

Coltsfoot is another medicinal herb that's believed to be useful in reducing inflammation and relieving other symptoms associated with asthma and sore throats.Coltsfoot – The entire plant has magical properties that can help you quit smoking forever.Coltsfoot is good for a wish spell or to quit smoking! As for spiritual uses believe it or not coltsfoot is used for love and bringing one closer to the person of their dreams.

Butterfly pea. It has the ability to restore color to faded pieces of cloth and flowers. Use the plant for spells of protection and travel. I often use butterfly pea in connection to its color as well. This means that at times for an intention of peace and/or sleep I use it as well.

Heal-All – Calms you when irritated or upset over a situation. Heal-All is a medicinal plant that is used for everything from healing bruises and scrapes, to easing stomach pains. It’s also known to be used as an anti-inflammatory. This herb can also be used for various types of spells and rituals.

Dandelion – The entire dandelion plant is magical and powerful. In Hoodoo it is used as a wish spell and healing herb. The plant is associated with the Sun and Mars Fire energy. Dandelion is a classic witchy herb and flower. This herb has been known to give the user magical abilities, as well as make wishes come true if the seeds are blown away in the wind. The entire dandelion plant is magical and powerful. You may yourself have made a wish upon a dandelion before. This is because Blowing a dandelion has become so popular that its magical beginnings are often over looked. This plant is great for making quite an extensive list of products. I myself have used it to make dandelion syrup, sugar and wine. You can always go the more traditional route of course and make a tea.

Goldenrod is one of my favorite witchy herbs because it brings so much luck. Goldedrod oil can be used in magical potions and spells to bring more luck into your life. Since it is associated with luck, it is one of the most used ingredients in my spell work for prosperity and money drawing.

Takeaway:If your spiritual practices include herbal magic, these plants should be on your list of must haves. They offer a wide arrangement of intentions and are easy to find almost anywhere due to most of their natural reseeding. So don’t wait. Get your garden started today.

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