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Water For Witching

So, we all see the witches in movies with the cupboards full of countless herbs with rooms fully dedicated to witchy items galore. I mean with this being the Information Age we even see them on various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram because now it's easier than ever to connect with more people, well more witches, from all over the world. I can’t tell you how many baby witches, or people interested in witchcraft and spirituality as a whole, are in my inbox asking me where do they start and how intimidating it can be to start on this path when seeing other more advanced witches with all the things they have. It’s definitely natural to compare yourself especially when you’re just starting out in something new which is why I wanted to take the time out to talk about my most favorite witchy ingredient. See having all the herbs and tools is great and all but when you’re just starting out, your budget may not be there to be able to afford all those different items nor are they really necessary. Yes, the items and ingredients do bring their own magickal properties to your rituals, and they even help keep you present and focused on what you’re trying to achieve but IT’S NOT NECESSARY. I want to talk to you about water. For centuries water has been highly regarded due to its life force, as shall I say life giving, energy. Water nourishes our planet and without it nothing would grow. It is the beginning of all life. The element of water is cleansing, healing and associated with the moon. It’s also linked to psychic abilities and emotions. It is a feminine and receptive energy and also linked to creativity and the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. For the witches that are more logical than mystical here’s a little science for you. By now we know through experiments done by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto (I refuse to call him a pseudo scientist which is what he is referred to by his Wikipedia because I feel that diminishes his contribution) concluded in his experiment that the human consciousness can actually affect the molecular structure of water. His experiment which exposed water to different words, pictures and music and then froze it and examined what its molecular structure looked like. The aesthetic structure of the water molecules that were exposed to positive influences resulted in pretty crystal structures and the ones exposed to more negative influences resulted in ugly and jagged crystal structures. Water can be used in a multitude of ways in your magick. My favorite way which is very easy because I’m a lazy witch is simply getting a glass jar and either writing positive affirmations on it or speaking loving words to it then put in the fridge overnight and by the next morning, I’m ready to start my day with that water. I can’t tell you how great I feel on the days that I consume water that has been changed with my intent and positivity. Also, You can actually play music or binaural beats to the water before putting it in the refrigerator. A simple sell would be to write what you want to manifest on the glass jar and consume it. It can be anything for example weight loss or even money. You can also use different types of water in your spells, such as water collected after a storm for banishing, swamp water for hexing, moon water for cleansing, or divination purposes among others. You can also add other things to water like roses; Rosewater is good for your love workings and glamour magick. You can also make your own Holy Water. All you need is a glass jar and salt, candles are optional but your visualization and intent is not! Now let's get personal, if you ever feel like you need a quick energetic pick me up while in the shower you can visualize the water washing away all the negative energy that’s attached to you. There are literally countless ways to utilize water in your magickal workings outside of just having a glass of water sitting on your altar. If you’re on a budget or a little lazy, because hey I get it life can get hectic, we may not have time for more elaborate things, try making some magickal shit happen with water.


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Mother Earth
Mother Earth
May 26, 2021

I appreciate the insight in this post. Definitely going to utilize and share. Thank you.

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