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Aura Cleanse Dressed Candle
  • Aura Cleanse Dressed Candle


    Feeling a little muck on your aura? Look no further for cleansing it than this aura cleanse dressed candle. Ritually prepared with the intention of clearing and cleaning your aura and spirit this candle is packed with power.

    As with all dressed candles please remember to be safe. Never leave your candle burning unattended. It is advised that you should never blow out your candle. If you want to be cautious you can place it in a bowl or cup of water. This cup of water will also double as an offering for your spirits. If you absolutely must put it out then snuff the flame, again, do not blow it out.

    Your candle can be used as part of your ritual or as a ritual itself. Infused with oils and herbs during our preparation by the time your candle comes to you it has already been imbued with energies and powers of intention.

    SKU: Flame11
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