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Be Gone Floor Sweep
  • Be Gone Floor Sweep

    Each Be Gone Floor Sweep by Thee Witch Farm is crafted with quality herbal ingredients that are meant to be used when spiritually cleansing your home. This particular Hoodoo floor sweep is used for the purposes of cleansing and clearing your home of low vibrations and energies. This is very good to use after an argument or some other disruption to your home. Each person or animal in the home will feel this energy shift. 
    To Use: Before one of our Floor washes or alone. Just sprinkle some on the floor and leave for a bit, starting from the back of your home or office sweep it all into ONE pile focusing on your intent. Sweep until it is as close to your front door as possible. Put it into the trash and then you are ready to begin your Floor Wash. 
    Sold as curio.
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