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Mr. & Mrs. Drake Oil
  • Mr. & Mrs. Drake Oil


    Hello, this is Mr. & Mrs. Drake a magical oil like no other.

    What makes it so special? It contains both May Apple (also known as American Mandrake, the Mrs.) & Mandrake (mandrake officinarum, the Mr.). These plants are both very poisonous but have astounding magical properties.

    May apple is known for

    • Protection

    • Divination

    • Banishing

    • Removing Obstacles

    • Financial Success

    • Keeping things from prying eyes

    Mandrake is known for

    • Enhancing any spell

    • Fertility magic

    • Prosperity

    • Divination

    • Pain relief

    Use this oil to anoint your altar tools, as a booster to your rituals or as an ingredient in a condition oil of your choosing.

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