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Rainbow Luminescence Oil (Aura Cleanse)
  • Rainbow Luminescence Oil (Aura Cleanse)


    Your aura is a part of you that is constantly overlooked but making sure that your chakras are not blocked is essential to living a balanced spiritual life. This condition oil is perfect for that. Ritually brewed to ensure that your chakras get the push that they need in order to align your energy. This oil also serves as a protective shell in order to protect your energy from other people who may be energy vultures. So grab a bottle and use it after your cleansing water to protect your spiritual space when coming into contact with others.

    Here at Thee Witch Farm, we take special pride in knowing that every product we make for our customers has been touched by our hands alone during the process. We make and grow most of what we use. What we do not grow ourselves we get from reputable resources. Our ritual oils are no different.

    Even though these are called ritual oils they can be used in a variety of ways. On your skin to bring your desired intention to you, on your own candles, in your spellwork as well as on your altars or in your spiritual bath. Almost all of our oils have a corresponding candle and bath that go along with them and these serve as sets to enhance your intention in a variety of ways.

    SKU: EO07
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