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Sweet Dreams - Magical Herbarium
  • Sweet Dreams - Magical Herbarium


    This consecrated herbarium serves as a protective dream charm to place around your home. This is perfect for bedrooms where you would like your dreams to be a bit more clear. Can also be used for children’s bedrooms to help keep away nightmares. When this is in your home you will find yourself amazed at how your dreams have been easier to recall in order to write down in your dream journal.

    An herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study. We here at Thee Witch Farm have put a magical twist on this longtime hobby. Instead of an herbarium made only for its beauty, we have consecrated and charged each bottle with an intention. The plants, herbs, and flowers used in them are all for the purpose of the intention that you choose. These make a delightful addition to any home especially when you would like to place your magic on display without having to explain it to others.

    SKU: MH06
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